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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Class and the ZzzzzZzzzZZZ

(A familiar scene)
One hour to two hours class, your vision begins to blur. Next your eyelids feel droopy and heavy followed by closely by what is called "The Bob" by frequent victims. Your neck suddenly loses its ability to hold up your head. Before you know it, you're asleep! Some classes are worse than others. The hardest is when you have to watch a slide show/ video in the dark!! Chances of falling asleep dramatically increase during dry lectures, and of course , the dreaded after-lunch class. 

sleep affects peoples' behavior, temperament and learning ability. Studies show that deprivation may cause IQ levels to temporarily declines. True enoght when one is drowsy, he/she tends to be weak inreasoning & memory. So if you have experienced problem like these, it's time to act now!! 

  1. Try to do your school work earlier so you can go to bed earlier and be rested for the next day
  2. Eat healthy breakfast containing key nutrients like protein & energy-boosting carbohydrates. Eg eggs&fruits
  3. Take supplement - if needed
  4. Get enough sleep at least 7-8hours
  5. Cut out some activities so you won't have so much stress & you'll be able to focus on school
  6. Good diet 
  7. Exercise more
  8. Get involved during class. If you are actively engaged in the information the teacher is presenting, you are less likely to doze off. Taking notes, asking questions and otherwise getting involve in discussion will make you far less likely to doze off
Sleeping in class may cause your grades to suffer and make you less likely to be respected by teachers and friends. The person you're hurting more is yourself! You might miss the important lecture, test date that has been reschedule & grades overall might be suffer! Besides, your lecturers & friends will take you less serious.

sick of this? There's few things you can do when u feel sleepy during class session. First, bring a long Chew Gum/sweet with u, Doodles in your notebooks (draw me..hehe..) or ask your friend to tap on your shoulder..Sometime i took a cup of coffee before after-lunch class!(hehe..)

That's all from me. Sleeping in class- sometime happened to me. And i hate it so much. So I collect few useful tips to overcome this problem. Hope it won't happen again next time. Good luck for new sem! start with new style,new habit, new attitude, new spirit. Ok? List all ur aim for this new sem & be very discipline with wtv u've planned. Be istiqamah.

Study Smart, Work Hard!!