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Thursday, October 25, 2012

It has been so long that i din update anything here. I've been busy since i'm back here. Notice dat my life gonna change a lot when i first step on my leg at Cairo Airport early on this Oct'12.. 

Alhamdulillah, Allah bless all my effort(Insya Allah), He give me chance to pursue my studies in medicine. There are big different between my last sem and this year. This sem gonna be more challenging. Why? Just look at the syllbus for this sem, for anatomy we have neuroanatomy, head & neck, Special embryology, lower limb and the best things is, all those books are thick enough!! haha..(miserable again)

Same goes to other subjects..tough! but then, i think, Insya Allah, it will be fun because what i have this sem is all within my interest. About brain and so on. Hope Allah will ease everything for me and my friends.

There another things i really unsatisfied with Gamaah(university) yakni we are given only 1day leave a week. Only on Friday. We need more rest, come on!! stress la... friday come, friday go..Like touch n go saja..Pls! i din' feel like i've been "relay" on Friday bcoz 1day-doesn't make sense la..Sobs2..Bcoz of very limited time, I arrange my schedule with academic 90%.. Hahaha.. (very nerdy) time for lepak2'ing with gilak2 friends, ziarah rumah junior, but sometime i have to do it. Bcoz i want my life to be colourful, not dull like this. Bcoz it's boring! I need to meet friends, chit-chatting with them, go shopping, have a normal life..Maybe dats why people says, Doctor have no life..Rite..rite?? ngehehe...

not exactly like that, actually, we ourselves need to arrange our schedule wisely. Give time for us to have fun, to study & most important thing is AVOID STRESS...!!

Yet, i miss my family. This is the 2nd year i celebrate Raya Qorban here. I miss the moments i celebrated eid with my family. see the events of sembelihan with my own eyes. Here, we qurban unta and kambing, differ to kelantan, we always qurban lembu...

Stop the epic!!!! hahaha.. whatever it is, there's must be something Allah want to give us. ok?? Enjoy your life as medical students! go girl...