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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Bonjour Malaysia

*figuringout where to start*

years back, ke"poyo"an i menulis like a pro is right here... i started with this blog. hehe. Thanks to all my friends who keep supporting and sharing  good advices upon each post, correct me when im to all my good friends! *clap*


ok guys, actually....,yet, im in malaysia. yes im back! *hopefully u wouldn't serang hendap me for not announcing it on web*  if u check my fb. ig, ws etc... there's no hint on my current location. kan? sengaja saya melakukan demikian.... hahaha... trend skrg kan people suka check in sana sini, my case, upload gmbr kat ig pon background are not so clear n hard to guess. kwang3.....kejam kan....

sape2 yang read this, u're lucky enough to be the earliest person to know... hahaha.. i x reveal pon i balik malaysia kat fb,ig or else.... sini jerrr... rahsia kiter2 je taw... xmao kecoh2... hahahhahahha... to those who reads this, im begging u DO NOT spread this news...not until i share this to my ig or fb.. for the mean time, i selesa mcm ni...hehe..tq in advance

p/s : sape yang baca post ni, plz letting me noe by sending me a text plz.. skrg i guna no msia  as my whatsapp number, no ws lama dh xleh pakai..hehehehhehe...